Dhirendra Paudel

128 Smriti Marg, Pokhara 05, 33700, Gandaki, Nepal · [email protected] · paudeldhirendra.com.np

Dr. Dhirendra Paudel is a Freelance Consultant, Psychiatrist, Trainer, and Researcher based in Nepal. He received a bachelor’s degree in medicine from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and a master’s degree in medicine with a specialization in psychiatry and mental health from Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, China. Dr. Paudel is certified by Nepal Medical Council and is licensed to practice psychiatry in Nepal. He provides consultancy services on the Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP), Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and academic writing, and offers training on mhGAP and SEL for mental health professionals, educators, and others working in the field. Dr. Paudel has accumulated extensive experience in government, non-government, and private sectors, as well as international organizations, and has worked with diverse populations from different nations. Dr. Paudel takes a holistic approach to mental health treatment, which involves considering cultural factors, alternative therapies, and the complex interplay between biological, psychological, and social factors. Dr. Paudel's expertise in ethnopsychology is also a valuable asset, as it allows him to understand the influence of culture on mental health and to consider alternative treatment approaches. Ethnopsychology is the study of how cultural and social factors influence mental processes and behaviors. His research interests include psychotherapeutic interventions, psychopharmacology, and sleep medicine, and his work is published in peer-reviewed journals in the field of mental health. Dr. Paudel also participates in the peer review process as a reviewer for several mental health journals. As a consultant and trainer, Dr. Paudel is passionate about improving mental health outcomes for individuals and communities. He is particularly skilled in implementing the mhGAP and SEL programs, which are evidence-based approaches to mental health intervention and prevention.


Freelance Consultant | Mental Health and Yoga Pvt Ltd, Pokhara, Nepal


• Director/Psychiatrist at Mental Health and Yoga Pvt Ltd.
• Clinical management of patients with mental health problems.
• Teaching and training.
• Independent researcher and author services.

Sep 2021–Current

Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal


• Consultancy
• Clinical management of patients with mental health problems.
• Teaching and training.

Jun 2022–May 2023

Dhaulagiri Hospital, Baglung, Gandaki, Nepal


• Clinical management of patients with mental health problems.
• Administrative role as Medical Officer of the Government of Nepal.

Sep 2019–Sep 2021

Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Residency in the Department of Psychiatry

• Clinical management of patients in the psychiatric department.
• Data collection and data analysis.
• Research assistance in Sleep Medicine, Suicide and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Sep 2015–Jun 2019

Private Practitioner | Freelancer, Pokhara, Nepal

Medical Doctor/Advisor

• Self-employed medical doctor in a private clinic.
• Advisor to Junior Healthcare Foundation (Non-government Organization), Pokhara.

May 2013–Aug 2015

Ilam District Hospital, Ilam, Nepal

Medical Officer

• Patient care as a medical doctor.
• Data collection on diseases presented to the hospital.
• Administrative role as Medical Officer of the Government of Nepal.
• Acted as District Health Officer and conducted various health camps.

Apr 2011–Apr 2013

Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairahawa, Nepal

Medical Intern

• Patient care as a medical intern.
• Rotation in medical and surgical wards.

Mar 2010–Mar 2011


Curriculum Development Center, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatry
• Awarded Equivalence Recognition for Master of Medicine in Psychiatry and Mental Health, Southern Medical University, China

Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Master of Medicine in Psychiatry and Mental Health
• Nepal Government Full Scholarship PG, Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal

Universal College of Medical Sciences and Teaching Hospital, Tribhuvan University, Bhairahawa, Nepal

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
• Nepal Government Full Scholarship MBBS, Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal

Research and Publications


Accreditation and Association


Nepal Medical Council(NMC)
• NMC No. 10408
• Medical Doctor Registration: Provisional, 2010, Temporary, 2011, Permanent, 2013; Specialty (Psychiatry), 2019


Psychiatrist's Association of Nepal(PAN)
• Membership No. 166
• Lifetime Member


Mental Health Services
  • Mental Health Support.
  • Intervention Planning (Psychopharmacology and/or Psychotherapy).
  • Case Management.

  • Scientific Publications and Author Services
  • Teachings and Training
  • Cross Platform/Browser Designing, Testing & Debugging

Data Analysis
  • Proficient in SPSS, intermediate R, SAS and Excel.

  • Proficient in English and Nepalese; intermediate in Mandarin and Hindi.

Text Editors and Tools
  • GIMP, Gedit, Figma, Adobe XD ..


User Experience (UX)
  • UX Portfolio

    • UX design
    • Themes, Icons, Apps and Web for mobile and desktop


Awards & Certifications

Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP)
  • Certificates

    • Received 6-day training from the National Health Training Center in Nepal
    • Conducted around 20 training on mhGAP-based modules for facilitators, medical professionals, and paramedics
    • Conducted workshops on mhGAP-based modules for stakeholders
    • Involved in the development of manuals, including facilitator/reference/handbooks, and modules for Nepal based on the mhGAP
    • Involved in TPO Nepal's WHO-funded project "Strengthening mental health services including in Government designated COVID 19 hospitals across the country"

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for Educators
  • Certificates

    • Received 55 hours of SEL training from NC State University.
    • Conducted training for facilitators and supervisors on SEL-based modules.
    • Conducted workshops on SEL-based modules for stakeholders.
    • Involved in developing manuals (facilitator and reference) and modules for SEL in Nepal.
    • Involved in TPO Nepal's UNICEF-funded project "Mental health and psycho-social well-being of children, caregivers, and vulnerable populations improved through promotion, response and support activities"

Global Mental Health
  • Certificates

    • Received training on Global Mental Health.
    • Hands on training experience of grant writing, assessment and measurement tools in Global Mental Health.
    • Participated in Networking event with stakeholders.

Peer Review
  • Certificates

    • Completed courses on Peer Review from Publons Academy (15 hours), Researcher Academy, and Web of Science Academy.
    • Conducted open reviews for Publons, and peer reviews for Frontiers in Psychiatry, Public Health, and Psychology.

Good Clinical Practice
  • Certificate

    • Completed a 6-hour course from the NIDA Clinical Trials Network
    • Conducted research in psychotherapeutic interventions, psychopharmacology, and sleep medicine, and published papers in these areas.

User Experience (UX) and Front End Development
  • Certificate

    • Received training on User Experience, Digital Marketing and HTML/CSS/JS.
    • Involved in the app and web design for course requirements.

Yoga Training
  • Certificate

    • Completed 500 hours of Yogi Training from Traditional Yoga Foundation, with a focus on the intersection of traditional yoga practices and mental health.
    • Developed an understanding of the principles of ethnopsychology, complementary and alternative medicine, and the biopsychosocial approach to mental health prevention and promotion.


• Available on reasonable request.